As a veteran of the Music industry, I’ve worked as a successful Music Producer and Songwriter for over 20 years. I’ve nurtured many Artists who’ve gone on to become successful in their respective careers. The industry has changed in recent times, and there are a lot more independent Artists wanting to go their own way and control their own careers. My consultancy role with you, is to help you towards building an Artists’ career from scratch. You work full time as an Artist and Songwriter, so you want to build administration skills, knowledge of how best to collect your money and gain the most out of the Music and Entertainment business.

Being an Artist there are many pitfalls, and there isn’t a lot of help out there online, that is easy to understand. If you need help and advice in your music business, I can provide non-exclusive consultancy services to help you build your goals.


While I can pass on my knowledge and expertise, I cannot guarantee you success in the music industry. Success is gained through a number of factors, Talent being the primary factor. However, talent alone cannot itself, guarantee you a successful career. While all art is subjective, I’m very good at spotting people with potential and strong attributes that a great Artist is made of. I can help you shape your goals, build your own knowledge and aim towards success, whilst giving you honest yet constructive critique.

Consultancy Rates

1 hour Skype or Facetime chat: £50 per hour (1st hour payable upfront). Please get in touch to discuss and book a slot.