Katy Coffey (Artist) – Visit Site

cover170x170“Dave’s talent as a producer really speaks for itself, once all the work is done your left feeling proud and extremely satisfied with what you hear. Dave really brought my songs alive and it was a real pleasure to work with him. The experience was relaxed and although we worked hard on the songs I recorded it was always fun with lots of laughs. Dave is one of the nicest people I’ve met , he’s honest genuine and is not happy until your happy. I could not be happier with
My finished EP of five songs Dave’s produced for me , I’m looking forward to the next time we work together. 🙂 Thanks Dave
Katy Coffey.”


Horacio Junior (Artist) – Visit Site

HORACIO-DIGITAL-FRONT-COVER-RGB“Dave is probably one the best music producers on earth. He’s very passionate and dedicating to his work, patient and always looking to higher standards.

-I would definitely recommend anyone regardless of music genre, as Dave has the ability to quickly produce / perform all styles, responsibly.

-He’s also a true friend of mine, the one you can’t find anywhere these days, specially in this kind line of business.

-My project has finally come to an end because I trusted my instincts from the very first time I handed to Dave. I am so pleased with my Music as well as the Art work for my Album not to mention my lovely photographs I will always cherish the good moments while taking them.

-A new chapter has opened in my life because you cared and I will always be grateful for that.

Thank you mate,

Horacio Junior.”


Tanya Cristina (Artist) – Visit Site

Tanya Cristina Album Cover“Recording my debut album with Vybrant Music was a brilliant experience and one I would definitely recommend to any singer songwriter. Dave was incredibly patient, hard working and understood exactly what I wanted. He’s also incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and an all-round good guy to go with it. Thank you Dave!”


Kekell Sa

“David Brant is an amazing producer and songwriter.He is extremely creative, patient and full of life and an energy that helped to bring out the best in me as an artist.

He is definitely the best producer I have ever worked with and it was a pleasure and honor to make music alongside such a genius.”


Steve Salvari (Producer – Moondance Musik) – Visit Site

“Working with Dave is always a pleasure. He is highly talented and I had no qualms in handing over responsibility of mixing Nathan Watson’s new album to him.

The results speak for themselves, and he has done an exemplary job. Nathan has one word for him – Awesome!”


Stewart Mac Visit Site

“Not only did Dave have faith and belief in what I was trying to achieve with my music from day one, as a producer he seemed to have an almost telepathic understanding of the sounds I could hear in my head.

He managed to channel those ideas into productions that went further than what I could have imagined on my own. He is the definition of a producer and is as important to my sound as any guitar part or vocal melody.”


Nosheen Phoenix

“Working with David Brant has been enlightening to say the least. I was a ‘Rebel with a Cause’ when I met David and he was the first producer to bring out a talent in me I never realized I had.

My first solo album and my best songwriting to date. Thank you Davey for letting me be me! Love ya!”


Corinne Cherish

“David Brant…You are a rose among thorns in this business! It’s so hard to find a producer/songwriter willing to work ‘with’ you as well as for you. You helped bring so many songs to life…and your love of music is infectious!

I only hope to spend more and more studio time in your presence for years to come! If I had it my way we’d be in the studio everyday working on ideas and having a giggle in the meantime too!”


M. Jamal Griffith

“Vybrant Music produced 3 of my songs for me. David was fantastic. He took the time to hear and understand my vision for the direction of each song and also had great ideas of his own. When I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, he gave excellent guidance which no doubt was a result of his expertise and years in the business.

He was a pleasure to work with, he is friendly, professional and efficient. He even helped me out with some great session singers. In an industry where you only get one chance to present your material in the best light, David helped me do that,I couldn’t be happier with my tracks. It’s the best money I’ve spent, to date.”


Melissa Garriques (Tymes 4)

“I’m proud to say I had the pleasure to work with Dave. He is really and truly a great producer and person. We’ve worked together on loads of tracks and I have never felt more comfortable with a producer which is what an artist needs especially when you’re first starting out.

Dave was one of the first producers to produce tracks for our Tymes 4 album called 4Story. His originality, the quality of music and style is phenomenal. He is a fantastic person to work with and more importantly he makes great hits.”


Madeleine Wilson

“David Brant is one of the finest producers I have ever worked with…in fact, the best! He is incredibly inspirational when it comes to writing and finding a sound that suits the artist. I have had so many exciting experiences in the studio with him as his passion for what he does really is contagious and the results are superb!

I have met no other person who exudes the same enthusiasm and talent that Dave does. Most important of all though, Dave is the nicest guy you could ever meet, working with him has been such a pleasure because he is so much fun to work with and makes you feel completely at ease which is so important in a writing environment when an artist needs to be able to let themselves go completely.